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Click on the module below for a description of the functionality. The portal is constantly being expanded with new functions. Are you missing certain functionalities? we love to hear about it.

By asking the right questions, you provide the necessary information to draw up a thorough quotation and you demonstrate knowledge of facts. Define multiple service versions tailored to your customers. The quotation is automatically created based on the selected services and can be adjusted by yourself before sending. Follow up on the quotation by documenting communication with the prospect and setting deadlines. No time or expertise to follow up yourself? Change the status to "follow up" and have a telesales agency carry out the follow-up via a special view after registration in the portal.
Follow up on work orders entered by yourself or your customers or created from a confirmed quotation. Also give B2B customers the opportunity to create work orders. Customers can register themselves after which you link them to an existing customer. Several employees of your customer can follow up the work orders. Change the status of a work order to notify your customer of the progress of the order. If desired, your customer will receive a notification of any status change.
Absenteeism registration, holidays and basic hours per employee and standard times for work form the basis for the planning. By entering the maximum occupancy rate, you can ensure reserve capacity for urgent orders, among other things. As soon as customers enter a work order, they see whether a date is still (partly) available. You can see at a glance whether the planned jobs are exceeding the capacity and what the remaining capacity is.
Your customers can easily register on the portal and receive an e-mail after registration with which the created account can be confirmed. Link the contact person to a customer so that they can view all work orders of this customer and follow up on the status. Multiple employees of a customer can view the assignments, which also ensures continuity in the work for your customer. Have separate agreements been made about services to be purchased? Easily create a service version tailored to your customer so that only these can be selected when creating an order.
Enter the actual hours spent per assignment and task to make a comparison with the standard hours to calculate efficiency. Valuable management and HR information to achieve the intended return.
You can import the work orders from the portal and generate invoices via a locally installed standalone accounting program. You can adjust the created invoice proposal to send it to your customers via email after processing. The accounting program can also be used to do your entire administration. It is also possible to export the generated invoice journal lines and then import them into your own accounting program. Link the prices to your customers locally to have them automatically assigned during invoicing, so your internet portal remains free of price agreements.
Add as many languages as you want. By translating description fields in services, for example, you use language codes so that the text automatically changes with the selected language. All texts on the portal can be adapted to your own branch texts at will.